How do I sign up for Amazon affiliate program in Nigeria and make $100 weekly?

I want to register for Amazon associates program but I’ve not been able to due to phone verification problem. help please, what do I do?

I had a similar problem but I was able to fix it with an app called “text me”
I will post a full guide on how you can bypass Amazon phone verification with textme later.

Amazon associates program is one of the best and most preferred affiliate network and the biggest source of income to most internet marketers.

But getting into the program from countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and most other third tier countries is almost impossible.

Not as if they don’t accept affiliates from these countries but their verification system just doesn’t work and you will never be able to complete the Amazon registration  without the phone verification.

How Amazon associates phone verification works:

Amazon have a very strong security check when it comes to joining their affiliate program.

They want to be sure it’s not one robot trying to create account and automate the sign up process.

This is often the last phase of registration.

You will be required to input your phone number, type in your number and hit to submit for verification.

Amazon will give you a number, a four digits number as in my case.
You are to call out the number for them when you receive the call from them.

The problem with Amazon phone verification:

The first time I tried signing up for an account I couldn’t verify my phone number.

It was like a temporary system error as the error message suggested.

Since I saw in the error message that I should try again, I logged on to the site after 24 hours but still got the same again.

I tried like for other times but couldn’t verify in each of the registration.

An you know what? This happens after filling out a bunch of form; 3 to 4 pages or so.

But I needed to get into the program by all means so I had to search Google for a solution to joining the associates program.

How I finally fixed Amazon phone verification problem.

The first google search i made was “how to register for amazon affiliate program in Nigeria”.

From my search, I noticed it was a general problem and a lot of other Nigerian bloggers were facing the same issues.

The next thing I did was to modify my search to “how to verify Amazon affiliate account in Nigeria”.

This time, I did find a promising solution but the guy was actually promoting his service of helping someone create the account for 5k (Shu!! how much be my hosting?)

I knew there wasn’t really going to be a white hat solution for this so I used the black hat keywords like “how to bypass Amazon phone verification” and I stumbled on a suggestion to get a free US number on and use it to receive the verification call. This till didn’t work for me.

One attitude I developed during my early days of blogging was to always look for an alternative.

I started looking for similar websites till I discovered that there were tons of app on Google playstore that I could use for this purpose.

I logged on to playstore and tried some of this apps but Unfortunately, most of them can’t be installed by Nigerians.

Thank God for VPN apps, a friend of mine had loads of VPN apps installed on his phone which he shared with me (search playstore for anonyton vpn; I used the pro version though).

I connected to the VPN’s U.S server, installed “textme” call app and got a free U.S phone number.

I went back to Amazon and fill in the number after which I got a call from them through the app and it was a congratulation!!!

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