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How to find my competitors backlink and outrank them easily

I have a relatively new blog in a competitive niche, how do I find my competitors, their backlinks and more importantly, how do I rank higher than them?

When you are doing competitor analysis as a part of your link building strategy you may struggle with the very first step: “Who are my competitors?”
I’ll show you a quick free way to find competitors by using Google site operators and how to easily find their backlinks.
Use of Operator
Insert this search operator to Google search form:

This is a very simple technique to find useful information. If you use the search query related:, Google search will show sites related to yours.
You can also put your competitor(s) there in case you already know them to find even more competitors.
Note: Please note this search operator works only for websites with a certain amount of traffic.
Use Of SERPChecker
The great thing about this advanced Google search feature is that you can analyze your competitors right off the bat in SERPChecker.
Just insert “” to SERPChecker search form and you will get all critical data about your competitors instantly based on more than 45 SEO metrics.
You can also compare your website to competitors by using the feature “Compare” at the bottom of SERPChecker dashboard.
How To Get Your Competitors Backlinks
The best part of the process is you will get backlinks of your competitors.
Click on “three dots” next to the metric “LPS” and select “backlink analysis”. This will open up a LinkMiner with a search for backlinks of a selected competitor.
Visit LinkMiner to carry out the task
But mind you, you have to work harder them they do in order to outrank them

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