is it true that Linda Ikeji makes more than 10million naira daily?

I heard a blogger friend saying that Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji makes over a million dollar per month which is roughly over 10million Nigeria currency daily. How true is this claim

Hei! One thing you should know is that Linda ikeji ain’t just any blogger.
Her name is already a brand and she could b making more than that or close but I’ll go with the former considering the number of users she gets on daily basis, with about 12million monthly users, her blog has the potential to earn something close to; if not more than a hundred million monthly.
mind you she also has a TV site that is based on subscription and you know what? she got over 10k paid subscribers in the first week of lunching the TV.
Oho! she is an authentic Igbo lady, typically business minded so you don’t expect her to be into online business only, other sources must be there!

she takes direct adverts on her blog with only an ads slot priced up to 950k, 500k and even 2m per month if you decide to go for the background ads; sponsored posts costs about 50k (she takes many of those daily)

If we are to calculate her earnings from the 12m visitors on CPM mode, let’s say a CPM of $2 (just potential earning because she doesn’t take use CPM mode of advert)
imagine the 12million people view an average of 4 posts which will amount to about 48million pageviews (forget, she gets more than this)
Let’s say she serve about 5 ads units per page I.e 48m X 5 = 240million impressions (it’s even more because I personally see nothing less than 10 ads per page, just check the site and tell me how many you see)
Now to CPM (cost over 1k impression)
240m over 1k = 240k

with a CPM of $2 it will be 240k x $2 = $480k

shuu! $480k in naira should be nothing less than 145million naira. Sha na rough maths oo! Don’t go and use it as if you saw her bank statement!

Or let's say she gets 1k dollars per a million page views,  that will amount to like 48k dollars; over 15m Naira

word of wisdom: go hustle for your own cash and stop trying to inspire your blogging dream by looking at her earnings. I dare you such information will only take away your zeal to do something unique. na why our entertainment bloggers don plenty like insects, all of them want to be the next Linda Ikeji (My opinion et experience), 

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