popads review; can I make 100dollars per day?

I’m testing out various ad networks on my blog since my adsense a got disabled. I learnt that pop under networks pay well but my question is can I really make up to that amount with them. I don’t want to join any Network that will give excuses on my earnings. I get a decent number of users on my web app, 
earning 100dollars per day with popads.net is possible but it will be a little hard to reach that milestone; especially if your traffic comes mostly from Nigeria; kenya; india and any other third tier country.
popads specialize in popunder ads format and are presumed to be one of the top players; if not number one. But I think they are number one in the popunder world.
They already earned the status of being a premium and specialized pop-under network and they seem to not relent on this status since they are constantly trying to improve their system.
They have a fairly large inventory list together with a wide range of available payment methods.
It is an immensely popular self-serve PopUnder network.
The traffic is generated when a visitor visits a website that carries the PopAds ad script.
As the visitor visits the website, a pop-under shows up displaying whichever URL the advertiser is advertising.
The most important thing to consider is the quality and quantity of yourtraffic.
If you get tons of daily users from U.S and other 1st tier countries you are likely to earn 100dollars daily.
let’s say you get an RPM of 1dollar i.e 1dollar per 1000 views. You will need like a 100k daily views to make 100dollars.
You should study your RPM rate and work on the quality and quantity of your website to meet your dream income.

PopAds is the best popunder Ad Network because it allows even low traffic websites to join their network.

You can easily make as much as you want since, the amount of website traffic is not a criterion for joining PopAds Ad Network as the case may be with other ad networks
PopAds specializes in providing Pop-under Ads which has high conversion rate.
Pop-under Ads do not require your website space as they show up in a separate browser window or Tab.
So, PopAds.net can prove a good medium as an extra source of income for bloggers and webmasters. And a simple way to earn 100dollars as you intend to
Also, PopAds have one of the highest CPM Rates in the ads Industry. It pays a very good eCPM Rates for publishers.
For websites receiving traffic from English-speaking countries such as the US, and the UK, the CPM rates can be as high as $6 per thousand impressions but even if I am to bring that amount down by half; it implies that you can make more than 100dollars daily with just 40k daily impressions.
The eCPM rate varies according to the traffic coming from different countries. On an average, publishers can expect CPM rates from $0.60 to $3.00 per thousand impressions for worldwide traffic.
Another thing worth talking about is their signup process, the Registration process is simple and quick. It just requires few minutes to complete the signup form; it took me 6minutes.
PopAds provides a website review procedure for approving new websites. However, there are no hard terms and conditions for joining PopAds Ad Network.
It comes handy when other advertising networks are rejecting your site. PopAds accepts both adults as well as non-adult sites.
The nicest thing with them; especially for new bloggers is their payment system. PopAds.net offers low payout threshold of $5, and you can expect instant payment.
So, whenever a publisher earns a minimum balance of $5, they can withdraw their earnings.
They have many ways to make payments to its publishers such as Paypal, Payza, Payoneer, and Bank Wire Transfer.
You also 10% referral income, and that can be considered as a bonus  and could be a great way to multiply  your earnings
With clean and fast Ads; PopAds.net performs as a high-quality Ad Network.

I think you can make more than that with  popads if you’re really serious on making money with them. All you have to do is work on your  traffic and popads will answer with increased earnings.



  • You don’t  just earn when people visit your site; popads doesn’t work that way.
  • when you signup for popads and place their script on your site, you will not earn per page views but per click.
  • but this  click  won’t  be on the ads but any where on your webpage.
  • popads will show a pop redirect to that user and count that impression.
  • This is good  for sites with nice bounce rate (anything less than 50% will be nice) since your users need to click somewhere on your site for you to earn.
  • If your site is one of those that offers something for people to download;  you are likely to earn enough with popads.
  • To make money with popads; you JUST  have to give your users enough reason to click on the next link on your blog because that’s  where your 100dollars per day will come from.
  • forget about any trick you learn some where on the web, I’ve been there before and I can assure you that most popads tricks don’t work.
  • Just study how to use popads and use it to your advantage

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