SMH; What does SMH mean?

Please guys what is the meaning of SMH abbreviation used when  chatting

  • SMH typically stands for “shaking my head,” although it can also be used to mean “stupid minded humans” or “so much hate.” “Shaking my head” (or “shakin’ my head,” if you prefer) is the more common version, though; it’s generally deployed as a way to express chagrin and often serves as a piece of punctuation — or, in the words of Urban Dictionary, it appears “when someone finds something so stupid, no words can do it justice.”
  • It should be noted that “SMH” itself is the base form of the term; sometimes it’s modified with the addition of a D (“shaking my damn head”), an F (“shaking my fucking head,”) and so on.

SMH is used when someone did or said something that you don’t approve of whatsoever. Just like your friend Debby, when she says she loves her boyfriend but then she goes and sleeps over at another dudes’ house. SMH, Debby. If you need a little more emphasis, go with SMDH, “shaking my damn head.”


  • SMH = Internet Speak for “Shake My Head”
  • Let me first say that I like to think that I do a good job of staying on top of what all the cool kids are doing on the internet, usually hearing about the latest memes and viral videos early in their cycles.
  • It has, however, become increasingly clear that I’m quite out of the loop when it comes to internet shorthand – initialisms and acronyms that allow users to say more with fewer characters. I think most of us remember when “LOL” began to gain popularity over a decade ago on AOL Instant Messenger and other chat platforms. LMAO, ROFL and OMG were some of the other earliest, widely adopted internet initialisms to take root.
  • But these days there are so many it can be tough to keep up. I’ll admit that I only learned sometime last year that ICYMI is internet shorthand for “in case you missed it”, and just a few months ago I found out that YOLO means “you only live once”. But I haven’t had one of those “you’re old!” gut punches in at least a few weeks… until last week when Honest Toddler tweeted this:

“Calm down” Sorry, I’ll try to find more subtle ways to enjoy life. smh — Honest Toddler (@HonestToddler) January 17, 2013

  Now, I’m familiar enough with HT’s work that I figured this wasn’t just some inside joke I didn’t get and it didn’t make sense that “smh” would be someone’s initials, in context. So I did what I  always do when I don’t know something – I Google it, and within seconds I had my answer. Via Urban Dictionary:

Acronym for ‘shake my head’ or ‘shaking my head.’ Usually used when someone finds something so stupid, no words can do it justice. Sometimes it’s modified to ‘smfh’ or ‘smmfh’ by those that prefer profanity in their internet acronyms.

So there you have it. SMH = shake/shaking my head. Now neither you or I will have to pretend to be hip enough to know what these millenials are talking about when we see SMH pop up in our Twitter feeds, Facebook comments or Skype IMs.

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