Who is the richest Hausa, Kannywood actor?

Ali Nuhu is the richest hausa artiste. let’s take the rating from top 4

4. Musician Nura M. Inuwa is the fourth among kannywood richest personalities, He releases two music albums in a year, which was said fetches him about 25 milions of naira. He predominantly delved to doing ceremony songs which source tells he charges two hundred thousand naira for a song, and too, in a week he can record five of such songs.

3. Dauda Kahutu Rarara fell to third among the richest kannywood personalities, since the past election, the political singer has acquired a mighty Mansion along Zoo Road Kano.

2. Adam A. Zango is kannywood star that came second among the ricest stars. He finished building a gigantic Mansion at Kaduna, the best actor charges a milion and half when invited to an occasion and he visits such occasions three times a month. He charges three hundred thousand naira before he appeared in a film, before atlast he increased the amount to five hundred thousand naira. He acts in about four films a month and He is an ambassador of MTN company. Adam A Zango obtained about five milion naira a month.

1. Ali Nuhu is the richest kannywood star. He has a mighty mansion and a Hotel at Bauchi, an ambassador to about seven companies. He has for over 15 years been kannywood best actor

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