Aster planting procedures and production techniques

The botanical name of Aster is Aster amellus; it belongs to the family Asteraceae

 Varieties: Red, White, Orange and Pink. All colours are available in light and dark shades.

Soil and climate: Well drained red loamy and sandy loam soils. This crop comes up well in cooler climates.

Season: Throughout the year.

Propagation: Seeds 10-12 kg/ha.
Land preparation and sowing: Soil made into fine tilth and flat beds are formed. Seeds are sown either by broad casting or line sowing at 20 x 15 cm.

Irrigation: Irrigate once in 4-7 days according to soil moisture conditions.

Manuring: 5 t FYM/ha + NPK 70 : 175 : 75 kg/ha as basal.

Weeding: Two hand weedings.

Plant protection
1) Spray methyl demeton 2 ml/lit to control sucking pests.
2) To control leaf spot, Carbendazim @ 2 g/lit.

Harvest: Starts 110 days and staggered upto 140 days.

Yield: 0.9 lakhs to 1.0 lakhs stem per/ha.

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