Beet root planting procedures and production techniques

The botanical name of Beet root is Beta vulgaris L.; it belongs to the family Chenopodiaceae

Varieties: Ooty 1, Crimson Globe, Detroit Dark Red and Red Ball.

Soil: It comes up well in all types of friable soils. The suitable soil pH is 6.0-7.0. It is considered to be a cool weather crop.

Season and sowing: July – August.
Seed rate: Sow 6 kg/ha directly in ridges at a spacing of 10 cm.

Preparation of field: Plough to a fine tilth and ridges and furrows are formed at 30 cm apart.

Irrigation: Irrigate the field copiously immediately after sowing and afterwards as and when necessary.

Application of fertilizers: Apply FYM at 20 t/ha and 60:160:100 kg NPK/ha as basal and 60 kg N/ha after 30 days.

After cultivation: 20 days after sowing thin to a single seedling per hill.

Plant protection against Pests
Leaf miner and flea beetle: Spray malathion 50 EC 2 ml/lit.

Diseases and protection 
Cercospora leaf spot: Spray Mancozeb at 2 g/lit.
Rhizoctonia root rot: Spot drenching with Carbendazim at 1 g/lit.

Yield: 20 - 25 t/ha in 120 days.

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