Hybrid rose planting procedures and production techniques

Hybrid Rose botanical name is  Rosa hybrida; it belongs to the family Rosaceae

Varieties: Gladiator, Baby Pink, Sofia Lawrance, YCD 1, YCD 2, YCD 3,

Soil and climate: Generally suitable for higher elevation (1500 m and above). Can also be grown in the plains under ideal condition of fertile loamy soils with salt-free irrigation water.

Propagation and planting: Propagated by rooted cuttings or by budding on Briar root stocks in hills and on Edward Rose and Rosa indica in plains. One year old budded plants are planted in July - August at 75 cm x 75 cm spacing.

Aftercultivation: The plants should be watered daily until they establish and thereafter once in a week. Pruning is done during March and October. Spray Diuran 2.5 kg a.i/ha to control weeds. Avoid spray fluid coming in contact with Rose plants.

Manuring: At three months interval, apply FYM at 10 kg and 8:8:16 g NPK per plant after each pruning. For cv. Happiness NPK may be applied at 75:150:50 g/plant per year.

Yield: 70 - 80 flowers for Hybrid Tea Roses per plant per year.
80 - 90 flowers for Floribundas per plant per year.

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