marigold planting procedures and production techniques

The botanical name of Marigold (African marigold) is Tagetes erecta L.; it belongs to the family  Asteraceae, it is a commercial flower 

Varieties: Pusa Narangi Gainda, Pusa Basanthi Gainda (IARI varieties) and MDU 1

Soil: Well drained loamy soil.

Seeds and sowing: Sown throughout the year. Nursery is raised with 1.5 kg seed/ha and the seedlings are transplanted after four weeks on one side of the ridge at 45 x 35 cm spacing.
Treat the seeds with Azospirillum (200 g in 50 ml of rice gruel) before sowing.

Irrigation: Once in a week or as and when necessary. Water stagnation should be avoided.

Manuring: Apply 45:90:75 kg NPK/ha as basal and 45 kg N/ha as top dressing 45 days after planting.

Crop duration: 130 - 150 days.

Harvest: Flowers are picked once in 3 days beginning from 60 days after planting.

Yield: 18 t/ha.

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