Marikolundu planting procedures and production techniques

The botanical name of Marikolundu (Dhavanam) is  Artemisia pallens Walls.; it belongs to the family Asteraceae

Varieties - Local.

Soil and climate: A well-drained loamy soil with irrigation facilities preferably under cooler climate is suitable.

Seeds and sowing: During November 1.5 kg of seeds per ha is sown in raised bed and seedlings are transplanted after 30 days at 15 x 7.5 cm spacing in beds.

Aftercultivation and manuring: Crop is irrigated in four or five days. Apply NPK at 125:125:75kg/ha with 25 t FYM and P and K as basal and 125 kg N/ha as top dressing with 50 kg N as first dose on 25th day of transplanting followed by 25 kg N every time after 75, 110 and 150 days of transplanting (after every cuttings)

Crop duration: 5 - 6 months.

Harvest: The plants become ready for cuttings in two and half months after transplanting.
Subsequent cuttings are taken at 30 - 40 days intervals.
Oil recovery will be 0.13 % on 50th day and 0.23 % on the 75th day

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