Mint planting processes and production techniques

The botanical name of Mint is Mentha sp; it's an aromatic plant and belongs to the Labiatae.

Japanese mint – MAS-1, MA-2, Hybrid-77, Shivalik and EC-41911
Spear mint – MSS-1, MSS-5 and Punjab Spearmint-1.
Bergamot mint – Kiran
Pepper mint - Kukrail

Soil and climate: Well drained loamy and acidic soil high in organic matter content is suitable.
Sub-tropical areas receiving an annual rainfall of 100 - 150 cm are good.

Propagation and planting: Rooted stem cuttings are planted in beds at 40 x 40 cm spacing during June - July.

Basal: Apply NPK at 30, 60 and 10 kg/ha.
Top dressing: Apply 30 kg N in 2 splits at 60th and 120th day of planting.

Harvest: First cutting starts in about 5 months after planting and subsequently at 3 months interval. Under good management conditions, the crop will give economic yield for about four years.

Herbage 15 - 20 t/ha/year.
Oil 50 - 100 kg/ha/year.

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