Patchouli planting processes and production techniques

The botanical name of Patchouli is Pogostemon patchouli Hook.; it is aromatic and belongs to the Labiatae

Varieties: Johore, Singapore and Indonesia are commonly cultivated. Out of these the first one yields the best quality oil. Where as the other two give high yield of oil.

Soil and climate: Well drained loamy soil with slightly acidic condition is suitable. Thrives best in hot and humid conditions, under shade of rubber, coconut, coffee, etc.
Propagation and Planting: Rooted stem cutting of 15-20 cm are used. The field is prepared to a fine tilth and the rooted cuttings are planted at a spacing of 60 x 30 cm during April – May.

Basal: Apply NPK at 30 kg/ha each.
Top dressing: 30 kg N/ha after 3 months of planting.

Irrigation: Grown as a rainfed crop in hills. In plains irrigation is to be given at 7 - 10 days interval.

Plant and protection from Pests

Nematode: Application of Carbofuran in @ 2 kg ai./ha the nursery.

Harvest: First harvest when fully grown (6 - 8 months). Subsequent harvest at 3 to 5 months intervals. The leaves are dried in shade and distilled.
Yield: 30 - 40 kg oil/ha/year.

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