Pyrethrum Plant production techniques and processes

The botanical name of Pyrethrum is Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium. Vis.; it belongs to the family Asteraceae. It is a medicinal plant 

Varieties: ‘Hansa’ is the released variety from CIMAP, Kodaikanal

Soil and climate: Light and medium well drained loamy soils are suitable. It grows best in areas, which have mild cool climate and a short winter and cool summer with an annual rainfall of 100 cm or more. A period of chilling in which the temperature falls below 170C for six weeks is necessary for flower bud initiation.

Season: April - May and October - November.

Seeds and planting: Propagated by seeds with a seed rate of 2 - 3 kg/ha.

Seedlings are raised in nursery beds and transplanted after 6 - 8 weeks a spacing of 450 x 30 cm.


Basal: Apply N, P and K at 20, 50 and 50 kg/ha.

Top dressing: 20 kg of N in 2 split doses.

Harvest: Flowers are picked at fortnightly intervals from third month and dried immediately.

Yield: 500 kg of flowers/ha.

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