Radish planting procedures and production techniques

The botanical name of Radish is Raphanus sativus L; it is a member of family Brassicaceae

Hills: Nilgiris Red, Japanese Long.
Plains: CO 1, Pusa Rashmi, Pusa Chetki, Pusa Desi, Japanese White and Arka Nishant.

Soil: Sandy loam soils with high organic matter. The optimum soil pH is 5.5 to 6.8. Roots of best size, flavour and texture are developed at about 15°C.

Season of sowing: June –July in hills and from September in plains.

Seed rate: 10 kg/ha.

Preparation of field: The land should be prepared to fine tilth and levelled.

Spacing: 15 x 10 cm.

Irrigation Plains: Once in a week.

Application of fertilizers Plains: Apply FYM at 25 t/ha and 25 kg N, 100 kg P and 50 kg K/ha as basal dressing and 25 kg
N/ha after 30 days.

After cultivation: Weeding and hoeing. At the second weeding, thinning of thickly sown plants should be done.

Plant protection against Pests
Aphids, flea beetles and mustard saw fly: Spray malathion 50 EC 1 ml/lit twice or thrice at 10 days intervals.

White rust: Spray Mancozeb 2 g/lit or Copper oxychloride 2 g/lit.

Yield: 20 – 30 t/ha in 45 – 60 days.

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