Tuberose planting procedures and production techniques

The botanical name of Tuberose is Polianthes tuberosa L.; it belongs to the family Amaryllidaceae, it's a commercial flower 

Single – Mexican single, Shringar, Prajwal
Double – Pearl Double, Suvasini, Vaibhav

Soil: Well drained loamy soil, pH – 6.5-7.5 pH
Propagation and planting: Corms (25 to 30 g) are planted (1,12,000 corms/ha) on the sides of ridges at 45 x 20 cm spacing at 2.5 cm depth during June - July. Corms are planted after 30 days of harvest. Dip the corms in 5000 ppm CCC (5 g/lit) before planting to increase the yield.

Manuring and Aftercultivation: FYM 25 t/ha. NPK 200:200:200 kg/ha (IIHR Recommendation)

Plant protection  from Pests
Nematode: Apply carbofuran 3 G @ 1 g/plant near the root zone and irrigate immediately.

Crop duration: 2 years. The crop can be maintained for one more year with good management practices.

Harvest: Flowers are picked daily.

Yield – 14-15 t/ha
 8 to 10 kg concrete per ha.

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