Botanical name of Acai Berry and its medicinal uses

Common Names

Acai Berry , Acai Berry, jussara, Açaí

Botanical Name

Euterpe oleracea



Medicinal Uses

Cardiovascular, Diet/weight Loss, Nutrition, South American



Parts Used



Fiber, calcium vitamins c, a and iron; amino acids, aspartic acid and glutamic acid; efa: oleic , palmitic, and linoleic acids; a high amount of beta-sitosterol, polyphenols.


Rainforest; Amazon region of Brazil, Tropical; Central and South America.

Side Effects

It is like any other fruit and are not particularly harmful unless you over consume or are allergic to them. Eating too many acai berries can increase bleeding and blood pressure.

How to Prepare

1. Blend them with milk to make a healthy smoothie or shake.

2. Several creams use acai berry as their main ingredient. You can apply any of them to your skin to reap the benefits.

3. If fresh acai berries are not available in your country, you can go for tablets or capsules.

4. Crush the berries into a juice and top it with chia or hemp seeds for an added boost. With juicing, however, limit the portion to about ¼ cup due to the concentration of sugar.


What is the botanical name of Acai Berry 

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