Botanical name of Acorus root and its medicinal uses

Common Names

Calamus root , Sweet Sledge. Sweet Myrtle, Sweet Flag

Botanical Name

Acorus calamus



Medicinal Uses

Amenorrhea, Aphrodisiac, Asthma, Ayurvedic, Colds, Congestion, Headache/Migraine, Sore Throat, Stop Smoking


Abortifacient, Analgesic, Antibacterial, Antioxidant, Antirheumatic, Aromatic, Bitter, Carminative, Diuretic, emetic, Emmenagogue, Nervine, Psychedelic, Sedative, Uterine Tonic

Parts Used



Cineole, alpha-pinene, alpha-terpineol, azulene, beta-asarone, camphene, camphor, choline, delta-cadinene, elemicin, ethanol, eugenol, galangin, limonene, magnesium, menthol, terpenes, tannin, zinc


Wetlands; indigenous to India, now found across Europe, in southern Russia, northern Asia Minor, southern Siberia, China, Japan, Burma, Sri Lanka, Australia, southern Canada and northern USA; Ayurvedic; European; North America.

Side Effects

Calamus is likely unsafe when taken by mouth. The FDA prohibits calamus use in food products because three of the four species of calamus found in the world contain a cancer–causing chemical called beta-asarone. The most common side effect to calamus is vomiting although fast heart rate and slowed intestinal movements have also been reported.

How to Prepare

To make a herbal tea, infuse ½ -1 teaspoon of dried leaves with 1 cup of boiling water. Steep for 5 minutes, strain and drink.


What is the botanical name of Acorus root? 

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