Botanical name of All-Heal and its medicinal uses

Common Names

Self-Heal, Self-heal, Heal-all, Blue Curls, Heart-of-the-Earth, Brunella Carpenter-weed.

Botanical Name

Prunella vulgaris L.



Medicinal Uses

Bruises/sprains, Cuts & Wounds, Herpes/Cold Sores, Sore Throat.


Antioxidant, Antiscrofulous, Astringent, Styptic

Parts Used

whole herb.


Betulinic-acid, d-camphor, delphinidin, hyperoside, manganese, oleanolic-acid, rosmarinic-acid, rutin, ursolic-acid, and tannins.


Moist black soil prairies, moist meadows along streams, thickets, openings in forests, woodland borders, pastures, and abandoned fields. North America, Europe, Asia.

Side Effects

None noted.

How to Prepare

1. TINCTURE: Tincture prepared with self-heal is an effective remedy to stop all types of bleeding. It is highly beneficial in alleviating heavy menstruation as well as release of blood with the urine.

2. INFUSION: the infusion prepared with self-heal may be used to cure the same ailments that are treated by the herb's tincture.

3. POULTICE: Fresh leaves of the self-heal herb may be crushed and applied to clean open wounds.

4. OINTMENT: An ointment or lotion prepared with the self-heal herb or its extract is useful to stop bleeding hemorrhoids or swollen anal veins.

5. EYEWASH: Diluted and properly filtered infusion prepared with the self-heal may be applied as eyewash to treat swollen, tired eyes. It is especially effective to alleviate conjunctivitis.

6. MOUTHWASH/ GARGLE: Like in the instance of the eyewash prepared from self-heal, a diluted and well filtered infusion or tincture may be used as mouthwash to treat swellings in the mouth and bleeding gums.

7. DECOCTION: prepare a decoction with the flower spikes of self-heal to treat the 'liver fire

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