Common Names

Arnica, leopard's bane, mountain tobacco

Botanical Name

Arnica montana



Medicinal Uses

Bruises/sprains, Pain Relief.


Analgesic, Circulation, Nervine, Vulnerary.

Parts Used

Roots, flowers


Volatile oil (containing thymol), resins, a bitter principle (arnicin), carotenoids, flavonoids.


Arnica is a perennial plant that flowers from June to July and prefers acid and poor soils. It is mainly found in grassland and shrubland and alpine mountain environments.

Side Effects

Repeated applications can cause skin irritation, which makes it unsuitable for longer term use. Not for use on open and bleeding wounds.

How to Prepare

1. Arnicated oil, (Arnica flowers infused in oil), or extracts.

2. Arnica is often used in homeopathy and should only be taken internally in the extremely diluted form common to homeopathic remedies.