Botanical name of Black walnut and its medicinal uses

Common Names: Black Walnut

Botanical Name of Black walnut is Juglans nigra

Family: Juglandaceae

Medicinal Uses: Candida/yeast, Cardiovascular, Cuts & Wounds, Nutrition, Parasites/worms, Sore Throat, Thanksgiving Harvest.

Properties: Antifungal, Antiparasite, EFA, Vermifuge.

Parts Used: Nut hulls

Constituents: Juglone, vitamin c, zinc

Habitat: Black Walnut is found in deciduous woodlands with moisture-loving maple, hickory, oak, and ash trees. Native to eastern North America, southern Ontario, west to southeast South Dakota, south to Georgia, northern Florida and southwest to central Texas.

Side Effects: Not for long term or chronic use, the juglone in black walnut has carcinogenic effects. Can be toxic if not used with proper care and respect. Remember anything that can kill a tapeworm has the potential of being harmful to the host.

How to Prepare medicine from black walnut 

1. Leaves:

The walnut leaves can be used as an infusion as well as eyewash. While the leaves are beneficial for skin disorders and irritations in the eyes, they can also be used to stimulate poor appetite. At the same time, infusions prepared from the walnut leaves can be applied for skin diseases like eczema or to heal wounds and scratches. A tincture prepared with the walnut leaves and water is useful in treating conjunctivitis as well as blepharitis.

2. Outer nut rind:

The exterior of the walnut nut crust is beneficial for chronic diarrhea when it is taken as a tonic. Even people suffering from anemia may use an infusion prepared from the outer crust of the walnut nuts. The infusion prepared from the outer layer of the walnut nut is also useful for treating hair loss. People suffering from baldness may use the infusion as a bathe for hair loss for effective results.

3. Nut:

Oil prepared from the walnut nut is immensely beneficial for women. Women suffering from menstrual dysfunction or others who are plagued by dry and blistering eczema may take two teaspoons of unprocessed walnut oil every day as a enhancement to their regular diets to derive the best results and get relief from their problems.

4. Inner bark:

The inner bark of the walnut may be used both as decoction as well as a tincture. The decoction may be used to heal constipation, slow digestion, as a stimulant for the liver or even to cure skin diseases. On the other hand, consuming 5 ml of the tincture a day, prepared from the walnut inner bark has the same effect on diseases as the decoction.

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