curry leaf planting procedures and production techniques

The botanical name of CURRY LEAF is Murraya koenigii Linn. Sprengal; it belongs to the family Rutaceae

Varieties: Sen Kaampa, Dharwad-1, Dharwad-2

Soil and climate: Red sandy loam with good drainage will be ideal for its normal and fleshing growth which will result in better leaf yield. The optimum temperature requirement is 26 to 37.

Season of sowing and planting: The main season of availability of curry leaf fruits is July – August with in 3-4 days of collection of fruits, the seeds should be pulped and sown in nursery beds or poly bags.
One year old seedlings are suitable for planting. One seedling is planted at the centre of the pit.

Preparation of field: The field is ploughed 3-4 times to get a fine tilth. Before last ploughing well decomposed FYM is applied @ 20 tonnes/ha. Pit size of 30 x30x30 cm are dug one to two months before planting at a spacing of 1.2 to 1.5 m.
Irrigation: Immediately after planting the pits are irrigated. On the third day the second irrigation is given, then the irrigation is given once in a week.
Application of fertilizers: After each harvest 20 kg of FYM/plant is applied and mixed with soil.

Inter cultivation: Periodical hoeing and first year one intercrop like pulses can be taken. After attaining 1 m height, the terminal bud is cut off to encourage basal branching. In total 5-6 branches
are maintained per bush. Ten to twelve months after planting the first harvest starts.

Plant protection against Pests
Citrus butterfly : Hand picking and destruction of the larvae. Malathion @ 1 ml/ lit.
Psyllid bug and scale: Dimethoate @ 1 ml/lit.

Protection against Diseases
Leaf spot: carbendazim @ 1 g/lit of water. Spraying sulphur compounds should be avoided.

Harvest and yield: At the end of first year 250-400 kg of leaves/ha can be harvested.
In II year : Once in 4 months every time 1800 kg/ha which would work out to
5400 kg/ha/year.
III year : Yield 5400 kg/ha
IV year : 2500 kg/ha once in 3 months which would work out to 10,000 kg/ha/
V year onwards : 5000 kg/ha once in 3 months which work out to 20,000 kg/ha/year

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