Pineapple planting procedures and production techniques

The botanical name of Pineapple is Ananas sativus; it belongs to the family Bromeliaceae

Varieties: Kew, Mauritius and Queen.

Soil and climate: Mild tropical climate as found in the humid hill slopes is best suited. Can be grown in plains under shade. Elevation from 500m to 700 m is ideal. A light well drained soil with pH 5.5 to 7.0 is preferable. Heavy soils can also be used if drainage facilities are available.

Spacing: Plant in double rows either in beds or in trenches with the plants into the second rows set in the middle of the plants in the first row.
The spacing between two trenches will be 90 cm. Row to row spacing in the same bed per trench will be 60 cm and plant spacing within the row is 30 cm.

Planting: Use suckers and slips of 300-350 g weight for planting. Give a slanting cut to the suckers before planting and dip in Mancozeb 0.3 % or Carbendazim 0.1%.

Season: July – September

Manures and fertilizers: FYM 40-50 t/ha. N 16 g, P 4 g and K 12 g/plant in two equal splits at 6th and 12th month after planting. Apply as foliar spray 0.5% - 1.0 % sulphate of Zinc and Ferrous solutions at 15 days interval to overcome the deficiencies in the early crop phase.

Aftercultivation: To have uniform flowering apply the following when the crop attains 35 – 40 leaf stage. NAA 10 ppm + 2 % urea (20 g in 1 lit of water) @ 50 ml/plant poured into crown or 2 % urea + 0.04 % Sodium carbonate + 20 ppm Ethephon (ethrel) @ 50 ml/plant poured into the crown. To increase the size of the fruit, 200 – 300 ppm NAA should be sprayed after fruit formation.
To avoid calcium induced Iron chlorosis adequate shade should be given.

Plant protection against pests 
Mealy bug: Spray methyl demeton 2 ml/lit or monocrotophos 36 WSC 2 ml/lit

Crop duration: 18-24 months.

Harvest: Fruits can be harvested from 18 to 24 months. Slight colour change at the base of the fruit indicates maturity.

Yield: 50 t/ha.
A plant crop and two ratoon crops are normally taken and in Mauritius variety upto five crops can be taken.

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