How I got scammed by a yahoo boy

 Bet9jaBet9ja Sports betting is no doubt the most popular gambling platform in Nigeria, with sports betting gaining huge and increasing followership as time passes. Thus, in this article I shall tell you of my betting experience and how I eventually fell into the hands of fraudsters that made me to finally giveup sports betting.

With stories being told of a handful number of people who make millions off bet9ja, it becomes very hard for one to resist the temptation of giving it a try.

I finally decided to test my luck and ventured into bet9ja, hopefully, I could win my first game and quit.

That never happened, I convinced myself to play another ticket which if I won I would recover my loss and quit.

It never happened, so I continued with that mindset and gradually got addicted to the gambling site.

I was in school those days, I used to receive 10k monthly from my people back home.

But of this 10k, bet9ja already has 1k or even more at times. Then I will do a 1k monthly data subscription to be able to access bet9ja website.

I never won anything substantial from the bets , the little I won would later be lost in the same process.

But I never had the guts to quit, it was already a way of life for me.

My experience with fraudsters and How I finally quit playing bet9ja

Then, one day, I saw an advert on facebook that I could get fixed game results if I pay a particular amount.

I was skeptical at first but after being in their whatsapp group for a while, I fell for it with the results and testimonies they were posting.

My thoughts were like, if I could get such victory in sports betting, I would be a millionaire in less than a year.

What I didn't know was that all the pictures I saw were photoshopped.

The payment for their service was 5k a month but I begged the guy and he agreed to collect 3k, the rest to be paid after the games.

I sent him the money, he sent me the booking code.

OMG! I've had some winnings from the previous weekend so I had about 4k in my betting account. It was a 27odds ticket so I decided to stake 2k.

I was so confident that I sent the code to a couple of friends and asked them to play with good money.

LOL! You ought to have seen me making calls that day.

The prediction ended up so bad that even one of the two games didn't go close to winning.

I lost, my friends lost, I had to switch my SIM card to the one they don't have the number so I could at least escape their anger.

I spoke with the guy, he promised some other games that all ended up with losses.

The next thing I saw was that I could no longer view his whatsapp profile picture. Hommie blocked me ASAP.

That was when sports betting started to worn out of my mind.

I would later become a yahoo boy for 3days with the knowledge I gained from this event. Follow me to read the update on my yahoo career.

How about you, have you been scammed before? Tell us your experience and what you learned from it.

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