Premier league winner 1889-1890 season

Preston north end won the 1889-1890 football first division

The 1889-1890 season of the English Football League witnessed the birth of a dynasty. While the inaugural year saw Preston North End claim the title with an unbeaten run, this season cemented their dominance and etched their name deeper into footballing history. Let's delve into this thrilling campaign, exploring the champions' reign, the performances of other contenders, and the individual stars who lit up the pitch.

The League Winner: Preston North End - Reign of the Invincibles (Again)

Preston North End, led by the legendary Jimmy Gordon, continued their reign of terror. They amassed a staggering 40 points, winning 19 of their 22 matches, drawing 3 and losing none. This translated into a phenomenal 86% win rate, surpassing their own record from the previous season. Their 57 goals scored and 18 conceded highlighted their offensive prowess and defensive solidity. Notably, they set a record for the highest average points per game (1.82), a feat that stood for decades.

Second Place: Everton - The Rising Toffees

Everton, under the guidance of Dick Molyneux, emerged as the most serious threat to Preston's dominance. With 34 points, they finished 6 points adrift, showcasing their consistency and attacking flair. Their 63 goals scored were the highest in the league, spearheaded by Alexander Young's 18 strikes. Despite falling short, Everton's strong showing established them as a force to be reckoned with in the years to come.

Third Place: Blackburn Rovers - A Glimpse of Future Glory

Blackburn Rovers, under James Brown, finished third with 33 points. Despite not challenging the top two, they displayed impressive defensive resilience, conceding only 23 goals, the second-lowest in the league. This defensive solidity, combined with the attacking prowess of Jack Southworth (15 goals), hinted at their future potential, which would be realized in the following seasons.

Fourth Place: Wolverhampton Wanderers - Attacking Flair Without Reward

Wolverhampton Wanderers, led by Harry Allen, finished fourth with 32 points. Their 61 goals scored were the second-highest in the league, showcasing their attacking prowess with players like Harry Wood (20 goals) leading the charge. However, their defensive frailties (43 goals conceded) ultimately cost them a higher position.

Fifth to Tenth Place: A Tale of Tight Battles and Surprises

The remaining positions saw a close battle between several teams. Burnley, under Harry Ross, finished fifth with 29 points, followed by Aston Villa (28 points) and Accrington (27 points). Stoke City (26 points), West Bromwich Albion (25 points), and Derby County (24 points) rounded out the table, showcasing the increasingly competitive nature of the league.

Relegation: Bolton Wanderers and Nottingham Forest Fare Thee Well

Bolton Wanderers (18 points) and Nottingham Forest (17 points) found themselves relegated after a tough season. Both teams struggled offensively and defensively, highlighting the unforgiving nature of the professional game.

Top Players and Coaches:

Top Scorer: John Goodall (Aston Villa) - 21 goals
Most Clean Sheets: Fred Freeman (Preston North End) - 18
Manager of the Year: Jimmy Gordon (Preston North End)

Five Previous Seasons:

The five seasons leading up to 1889-1890 saw the evolution of English football from regional competitions to the unified EFL. Preston North End dominated the inaugural season (1888-1889), followed by Aston Villa (1887-1888) and West Bromwich Albion (1886-1887). These early years laid the foundation for the league's future success.


The 1889-1890 EFL season solidified Preston North End's position as the league's first dominant force. Their continued success, coupled with the rise of Everton and Blackburn Rovers, set the stage for exciting rivalries and a rapidly evolving football landscape. This season serves as a reminder of the humble beginnings of the EFL, now a global footballing giant, and the enduring passion for the beautiful game that continues to inspire generations.

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