Below is are some of the economic importance of snails and other

economic importance of snails. image 1
Large snail
  • Shells are used for decoration.
  • Shells are used as source of calcium for animal feeds.

Calcium are very important for  both man and Animals because In addition to its major function in building and maintaining bones and teeth, calcium is important in the activity of many enzymes in the body. The contraction of muscles, release of neurotransmitters, regulation of heartbeat, and clotting of blood are all dependent on calcium.

  • Source of animal protein for man e.g Archachatina
  • Important intermediate host for trematode parasites i.e Bulinus and -Biomphalaria
    -Harbor polyembryonic stages of trematodes
    -Feed on decomposing plant matter therefore help in cleaning the environment
    -Do a great damage in garden or in a farm by feeding on almost any plant material

    importance of snails

    -Shells used as currencies
    -Additive to scouring powder