Write a short note on the Palmar spaces

Introduction: palmer spaces are the compartments of the hand between the wrist joint and the bones of the phalanges.
Parts: it is divided into 3:
– hypothenar
– midpalmar
– thenar
Formation: the palmar aponenrosis is triangular in shape and from its two sides a fibrous septum dips downward into the palm. That from the ulnar side is attached to the palmar border of the 5th metacarpal bones, medial to this is the hypothenar space. The septum from the radial side dips to the palmar surface of the middle metacarpal. This septum separates the thenar space from the midpalmar space
1. Hypothenar space: contains the hypothenar muscles:
A. Abductor digiti minimi
B. Flexor digiti minini brevis
C. Opponens  digiti minimi
2. Midpalmar space: this is enclosed proximally by thin attachment of the common flexor synovial sheath to the walls of the carpal tunnel.
3. Thenar space: this is overlaid by the flexor tendons to the index finger. It contains the first lumbrical muscle.
Importance of the spaces: infections in the midpalmar space can leak into the carpal tunnel surrounding the three ulnar lumbricals.

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