Describe God's creation of light and woman

Creation of Light_(Genesis 1:1-5):  

  • Before creation, the world was formless and void with only
    darkness upon the face of the deep 
  • And only God’s spirit was moving over
    the face of the waters, 
  • On the first day of creation, God said “Let
    there be light” and there was light, 
  • But the light, comprising the
    sun, moon and stars was created the fourth day 
  • And God saw that the light
    He created the first day was good, 
  • He then separated the light from the
    darkness to create day and night,
  • The light He called day and darkness
    the night, 
  • The light was to be for signs, seasons, day and night, 
  • Hence, the reckoning of the first day.  

Creation of Woman (Genesis

  • ln the second account, God created man out of dust and gave
    him breath to become a living being, 
  • God placed man in the Garden of Eden
    to keep and till it. 
  • God found man to he alone and decided to get a
    fitting partner for him. 
  • He put Adam to sleep, took his rib and closed its
    place up. 
  • God used Adam’s rib to create a woman 
  • Adam became excited
    when the woman was brought to him 
  • He said: This at last is bone of my
    bones, and flesh of my flesh’, 
  • And she shall be called woman because she
    was taken put of man. 

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