Describe the social life of Israel during the time of Amos and mention the vices condemned by amos which are still rampant in your society

There was general oppression of the poor by the wealthy. The
wealthy sold the righteous for silver and the needy for a pair of shoes. The
poor had no fair trial in the courts and the level of prostitution was so high
that a man and his father could go into the same woman. At the altar, the rich
men sat in clothes given as pledge to them by their poor debtors and they also
drank at the altars, wine of those who had been fined. Their women fed fat on
the proceeds of their husband’s oppression of the poor and drank wines from
bowls. Amos referred to these people as cows of Bashan.

The rich built stone houses and lived in great luxury with
proceeds derived from their cheating of the poor. In the markets, the rich used
false weight and measures. In spite of various forms of punishment such as
famine, drought, blight and mildew, locust infestation and all the curses of
Egypt, slaughter of their young men in battles, depopulation e.t.c., they still
persisted in evil and refused to listen to the voice of God but desired the
‘Day of the Lord.’Amos warned them and said they should be prepared for total
doom that would come from God’s wrath, 

Vices condemned by Amos which are
still prevalent in our society today are: 

  • Oppression of the poor by the
    wealthy: Low wages are paid to the poor for services rendered to their masters
    or employers, 
  • Injustice in the courts: The rich accused bribe their way in
    the courts and the poor rarely receive just judgement. 
  • Cheating in
    business: Some rich and influential businessmen have perfected the art of
    edging or pushing the poor out of business. 
  • Luxury: With much of the
    national revenue in the hands of a rich few who daily become richer at the
    expense of the poor, the rich build palaces and own expensive limousines and
    enjoy all forms of luxury at the expense of the poor.

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