Discuss the source of Solomon's wisdom and how he misused it

Solomon assumed the mantle of kingship in Isreal. He followed his father’s (David) good steps by loving God. The Lord appeared to him at Gibeon when he was there to make sacrifice to God and asked him to make any request. Solomon, sensing the great task of ruling a people like Israel, asked God to grant him an understanding mind to govern his people.

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God was pleased with his request, He therefore granted him his request in addition to riches and honour on the condition that he would continue to do the will of God. God also promised him long life and prosperity.
As soon as Solomon was granted his request, he did what was wrong in the sight of the Lord.

He married many wives especially from foreign nations which God had warned Israel not to have any social interraction with. These heathen women turned Solomon’s mind away from God. No doubt, Solomon made burnt offerings and sacrifices to the gods of these heathen nations.
furthermore, Solomon embarked on expensive, wasteful and gigantic capital projects. The people were made to pay heavy taxes with forced labour to execute these projects. This caused general disaffection in the whole nation. The eventual result was the division of the kingdom into two as Solomon refused to listen to the many prophets that warned him about God’s displeasure over his apostasy.

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Four Lessons which can be learnt from Solomon’s misuse of wisdom are:

(i) God would always punish anyone who disobeys Him no matter his position,
(ii) When we are in position of leadership, it is advisable to listen to the voice of those we are leading and consider their social well being anytime we want to impose any tax, labour, law, etc.
(iii) Solomon was at various times warned to desist from his wrong doings and return to the Lord, but he refused. We should learn to obey the voice of God in all our undertakings so that we may succeed and prosper,
(iv) Owing to his wisdom and wealth, Solomon felt arrogant and proud. This contributed to his downfall.

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