From Paul's list, name the spiritual gifts which are manifested in thechurch today

The nine spiritual gifts as enumerated by Paul are as follows:
(i) Utterance of wisdom
(ii) Utterance of knowledge.
(iii) Prophecy,
(iv) Miracle working,
(v) Faith 

(vi) Distinguishing between spirits (discernment of spirits).
(vii) Various kinds of tongues,
(viii) Healing Power
(ix) Interpretation of tongues.
Utterance of Knowledge: As a gift of the holy spirit, this is manifested in various ways. Some churches have produced men and women who are daily contributing their quota in the spread of knowledge. These are teachers, lecturers, professors working in schools, colleges and universities.
Faith: With faith in God, many churches have led the way in the work of conversion. Many sinners have been converted to saints through the process of evangelisation. They have also carried the work of God to remote villages and assisted in cash and kind in erecting church and school buildings in these areas.
Prophecy: Our leaders in the church have, through wise counsel, been proving that they are watchdogs of the society. They have been fulfilling prohetic roles by leading the congregation on the path of truth, thereby reducing crime and other anti-social habits including juvenile delinquency.
Miracle working: Some churches are using the power of God to perform different types of miracles. No wonder then that some newly established churches go with the name “miracle” as an appelation to attract more worshippers into their folds.

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