Give an account of Jesus' trial before the high priest and describe Peter's behaviour during this period

  • Jesus was led by his captors to Caiaphas (the High Priest),
    with the members of the Council in attendance. 
  • They sought false witnesses
    against Jesus to condemn Him but found none. 
  • However, two eventually came
  • They charged that Jesus had claimed He could destroy the temple
    and rebuild it in three days. 
  • The High Priest asked Jesus what answer He
    had to the charge but Jesus kept silent. 
  • The High Priest adjured Him by God
    to say whether He was the Christ, the Son of God. 
  • Jesus said to him,
    “You have said so.” 
  • “But I tell you” Jesus further
    said,… “hereafter you will see the Son of man at the right hand of power
    and coming with the clouds of heaven”. 
  • The High Priest tore his robes
    and said that Jesus had uttered blasphemy. 
  • Hence, there was no need for
  • He asked the Council what their verdict was. 
  • They answered
    that Jesus deserved death. 
  • They spat on His face/struck Him/slapped Him. 
  • They asked Him to prophesy to them who had struck Him. 
  • Early in the
    morning, the Council again met, bound Jesus and led Him away to Pilate, 


Peter’s role: 

  1. When Jesus was led away to the High Priest’s Court, Peter
    followed at a distance and sat with the guards,  
  2. A maid challenged him that
    he was with Christ. Peter denied it/asserted that he did not know Jesus,  
  3. He went out to the porch where another maid challenged him. Again, he denied
  4. Later, bystanders charged that he was a follower of Jesus since his
    (Galilean) accent betrayed him; but he swore he did not know Jesus,  
  5. Then
    the cock crowed and he recalled that Jesus had foretold that he would deny him
    thrice before cockcrow,  
  6. He went out and wept bitterly,

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