Give an account of the report of the spies Moses sent to the land of Canaan

Num. 13:17,25-33. 

  • At the end of forty days,
    the spies Moses sent returned,
  • They brought back word to the congregation
    and showed them the fruit of the land,

  • They reported that the land flowed
    with milk and honey,

  • But that the people who dwelt in the land were
    strong, their cities were fortified and very large,

  • “They saw the
    descendants of Anak, the Amalekites, the Hittites, the Jebusites and the

  • But Caleb quieted the people and said, “let us go up at
    once and occupy it, for we are well able to overcome it”,

  • But the
    men who had gone up with them said, “we are not able to go up against the
    people, for they are stronger than us”,

  • Ten of them brought to the
    people an evil report of the land they had spied,

  • They claimed that the
    land through which they had gone was a land that devoured its inhabitants /
    that all the people they saw were men of great stature,

  • They also revealed
    that they saw the Nephilim (the sons of Anak who came from Nephilim)

  • They
    reported that they were like grasshoppers before the Canaanites and were seen
    as such.

 Lessons that can be drawn from the incident:  

  1. We should be courageous to tell the truth always, 
  2. A
    beautiful place could still have its challenges and flaws/pitfalls, 
  3. It
    takes faith to believe you can be victorious when you face odds, 
  4. Need to
    avoid inferiority complex, 
  5. Need for people to have high self image/ esteem.

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