Highlight the factors that led to the suppression of the trans-Atlantic slave trade

  • Individuals who had suffered from the horrors of this trade exposed the attendant evils e.g. Olauda Equiano, Ottobah Cuguano;
  • within Africa, some rulers made efforts to suppress the trade e.g. King Agaja of Dahomey;
  • American Quakers condemned the trade;
  • opposition also came from the British
  • humanitarians who formed the society of the Quakers, e.g. Granville Sharp, William Wilberforce;
  • signing of anti-slavery trade treaties with European and other governments;
  • activities of the Christian missionaries. This group wrote books, formed movements that spoke out against the slave trade; 
  • passing of legislation against slave trade, e.g. in 1804 the Danish government renounced the trade, Britain in 1807 and USA in 1808;
  • the activities of the British Naval squadron did a lot to end the trade from its source in West Africa;
  • the industrial Revolution which drastically reduced the need for slave labour.

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