Highlight Jesus's encounter with Mathew, the tax collector

Jesus’ encounter with Matthew (Mark 2:13 2:13-17, Matt. 9:9-13,
Luke 5:27-32):

  • As Jesus passed by, he saw Matthew sitting at the tax
  • Jesus called him saying “follow me”, 
  • And he arose
    and followed him. 
  • Mark called this tax collector Levi, the son of
  • Later, Matthew organized a feast in his house for Jesus and his
  • Many tax collectors came to sit at table with Jesus and His
  • As they dined, the scribes and the Pharises murmured:
    “why does he eat with tax-collectors and sinners”? 
  • When Jesus
    heard it, he said to them: “Those who are well have no need of a
    physician, but those who are sick, 
  • I have not come to call the righteous,
    but sinners to repentance”, 
  • He asked them to go and learn the meaning
    of the following statement: “I desire mercy and not sacrifice”, 

drawn from the encounter:

  1. Religious/vocational calls are mandatory they
    need to be obeyed, 
  2. God can use any one to fulfil His purpose, 
  3. Discrimination/distinctions should be avoided. Need to respect and treat people
  4. No profession is more important than the other. We should not
    look down on some professions, 
  5. One good turn deserves another/need to
    reciprocate good gestures/show gratitude.

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