How did Jesus describe himself to the Samaritan woman in St. John's Gospel?

Jesus met a woman at Jacob’s well and asked her to give him
water to drink. The woman was surprised that Jesus, a Jew would ask for water
from a Samaritan. Jesus said if she knew the gift of God and who asked her for
water, she would have asked him for a living water. The woman wondered how
Jesus could give her water without even a vessel for drawing it out of the
well. She questioned whether Jesus was greater than their father Jacob who dug
the well. Jesus said every one who drank of that water would thirst again, but
whoever would drink of the water he gave would never thirst, for the water he
gave would become a spring of living water, leading to eternal life. The woman
then asked for the living water so that she might no longer take the pains to
come to the well to draw, 

Application of the teaching to Christians

  • Living water means the word of God. 
  • It is for all
    mankind – Jews and Gentiles, 
  • The living water through Jesus leads
    to eternal life..

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