How did Josiah react to the contents of the book of the law found in the house of the Lord by Hilkiah? and state the reforms he made

After Shaphan had read the
contents of the Book of the Law to king Josiah, the king rent his cloths as a
measure of his sadness over the long neglect of the book. He then sent
emissaries to enquire of the Lord for him and for all Israel, concerning the words
of the book, adding that the wrath of God was great against them because their
fathers had not obeyed the words of the book. After hearing from the
prophetess, Josiah gathered everybody to Jerusalem (men and women, the old and
the young) and the book was read to the hearing of all. The king and the people
made a covenant to walk after the Lord and to keep His commandments,


  1.  All vessels made for Baal which were found
    in the temple were burnt (outside Jerusalem), 
  2. He deposed all the
    idolatrous priests of Judah and defiled their high places, 
  3. He
    destroyed the Asherah found in the temple, 
  4. He broke down the houses
    of the male cult prostitutes, 
  5. He pulled down and broke, in pieces, all the
    images dedicated to the sun-god by his fathers (Ahaz and Manasseh). 
  6. He
    went up to Bethel (in Northern Israel) and destroyed the altar set up there by
    Jeroboam, the son of Nebat. 
  7. He slew the false priests of Bethel
    and burnt their bones and their altars, 
  8. He re-enacted the
    Passover in Israel and unified the date of its observance throughout the entire
    territory of his father, David, 
  9. He put away all wizards and

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