Narrate the story of the resurrection and appearance of Jesus to the women in the Gospel of Mathew

There were some women who had been following the prosecution of Jesus Christ until the time he was crucifed on the cross. At the point of death, these women saw everything. They saw the tomb which Joseph of Arimathea provided for the burial of Jesus Christ. Some of these women were Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James and Salome.
Early on Sunday morning, the women went to the tomb to anoint the body of Christ. On getting there, they discovered that an angel of God appeared during an earthquake to roll off the stone. The women saw the angel and became afraid just as the guards who were posted to keep watch over the grave. The angel told the women not to fear, for he knew that they were searching for Jesus who was crucified. The women were told that Jesus had risen from the dead as he (Jesus) had told his disciples. The angels invited the women to see the empty tomb. Then they were told to take the news to his disciples and that they should go and meet Him. The women were filled with great joy. They ran to the disciples to deliver the good news to them. While they were still on their way, Jesus appeared to them. They bowed down and worshipped him. He told them not to be afraid and to go and inform his disciples to meet him in Galilee.
The significance of the resurrection of Christ to Christians include:
(i) It signifies that all who die in the Lord will resurrect at the last day.
(ii) The story of the resurrection is the hope of Christian faith,
(iii) It provides us with the courage and hope that the Lord we worship and adore is a living God.

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