Trace the events that led Nehemiah to embark on the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem.

Nehemiah, a captive in Babylon was visited by Hanai. Nehemiah wanted to know the state of Jerusalem and her inhabitants. Nehemiah was told that the remnants of the land were in great trouble and shame. He was told that the gates and the walls were broken down and destroyed. This made Nehemiah sad and he wept bitterly. He then fasted and prayed for several days. He requested for his freedom from the king of Babylon. He was allowed to go. On his arrival in Jerusalem, he delivered the king’s letters to the governors of the provinces.
In the letters, it was written that the materials needed by Nehemiah for the reconstruction of the city be supplied to him. This was done and the reconstruction work on the walls of Jerusalem began in earnest. Nehemiah went in the night to inspect the walls of Jerusalem that were broken down. Nehemiah said: “Let us build the walls of Jerusalem so that we may no longer suffer disgrace”. The people responded and the work started, but, Samballat and Tobiah opposed the reconstruction work.
From Nehemiah’s role in the reconstruction of the city wall, we have the following lessons to learn:
(i) Nehemiah showed a spirit of love for his nation.
(ii) Nehemiah motivated his people into action.
(iii) Nehemiah’s faith in God was demonstrated through prayer.

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