What is Paul's teaching in the dignity of labour? and give reasons why we should respect individual professions

Paul wrote to theThessalonians on the dignity of labour. He rebuked and disowned those brothers in the church who lived in idleness for they were not living according to the laid down rules of the church. He encouraged them to imitate his exemplary life. He did not in any way like idleness, neither did he depend on their material support for living. He worked for his earning and paid for what he ate.
Paul did not imply that anyone who work in the house of God should not be entitled to wages. He had to put his teaching into practice by saying if anyone would not work, let him not eat.
Paul particularly mentioned those members whom he heard had refused to work but were relying on others. He commanded them to do away with such habits. He finally warned that if any member should refuse to listen to his instruction, such a member should be isolated. This would make him to be ashamed of himself with a view to rethinking his actions. The church, Paul warned should not regard such members as enemies but they should be treated with all human sympathy.

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Reasons why individual professions should be respected include:
(i) No particular Job is indispensable.
(ii) All jobs are complementary.
(iii) We should not look at any job as menial.
(iv) We must work to earn a living for others to be encouraged by our example.

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