What role did king Hiram of Tyre play in Solomon's preparation towards the building of the temple

King Hiram’s Role towards the Building of the
Temple (1 Kings 5:1 -12):

  • King Hiram of Tyre was a friend of David. 
  • He sent congratulatory message to Solomon upon hearing of Solomon’s
    succession to David. 
  • Solomon in. turn sent word to Hiram about David’s
    unsuccessful attempts to build the temple because of wars that faced him. 
  • David’s initiatives included the acquisition of the land for the site and
    arrangements for the supply of timber from Phoenicia, 
  • Solomon decided to
    build the temple in fulfillment of his father’s aspirations, 
  • Thus Solomon,
    after introducing himself to Hiram, had a treaty of friendship made to forge
    peace and unity. 
  • Solomon then made a request for the sale of cedar and
    cypress wood to him by Hiram, 
  • He further requested that the servants of
    the king of Tyre work together with his servants as he was prepared to pay
  • Hiram agreed and decided to have his servants cut the woods into
    rafts and get them for shipping down the Mediterranean sea to Lebanon, 
  • And
    when this was done, Solomon was to pay by supplying food for the king’s
  • Thus Hiram supplied Solomon with all the timber of cedars and
    cypress wood desired while Solomon gave Hiram wheat and oil. 
  • The building
    of the temple provided a proper religious centre for the worship of Yahweh in

Benefits of making friends: 

  1. promotes love and peace, 
  2. provides support for one another in times of need/mutual co-operation, 
  3. encourages shared responsibility/teaming up to do things, 
  4. promotes
    trust, faithfulness and commitment, 
  5. opens up job opportunities 
  6. offers
    expertise knowledge/skills etc. 
  7. offers protection/defence and security, 
  8. promotes companionship. 

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