'Teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?' How did Jesus deal with this question?

A lawyer put the quoted question to Jesus in order to
test him. Jesus however, asked him what was written in the law and how he was reading the law. He summarised the law by
saying ‘You should love the Lord your God…..and your neighbour as yourself.’ Jesus commanded him to go and do that and
he would live and be qualified for eternal life, but the lawyer, still wishing
to justify himself, asked Jesus who his neighbour was. Jesus told him, in a
parable, how a man who was travelling from Jerusalem to Jericho fell in to the
hands of robbers who beat him thoroughly, stripped him and left him half dead.
By chance, a priest and later, a Levite saw him and each of them passed him by
on the other side. Later, a Samaritan came by and saw the injured man and gave
him first aid.

He carried him on his beast to an inn and paid an advance
for further treatment and care. He also promised to return and offset whatever
extra would be spent on him. Then, Jesus asked the lawyer which of the three
(who saw the injured man) proved to be neighbour to him. It was the one who
showed him mercy, he answered. Then Jesus asked him to go and do likewise.
Christians can show concern for others in the following ways: 
  • Christians should share with others what they have received by God’s grace,
    especially with those in spiritual and physical need This includes the word of
    God and the physical assets at their disposal.
  • They should take care of the
    sick, the aged and the invalid in the society, 
  • They should
    forgive and reconcile with those who offend them, if they sincerely repent. 
  • True religion is not just by attending services regularly and paying all
    tithes and thanksgivings, but more by living a practical Christian life and
    thereby influencing others through exemplary character. Christians should avoid
    hypocrisy and do good unto others. 

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