• Source of Inspiration: The study of history acts as a source of inspiration to individuals who may like to pursue objectives that can be beneficial to the society. The study inspires individuals and the nation at large to uphold values such as patriotism, truthfulness, objectivity, and fairness. 
  • Awareness of Ancient Mistakes: Studying history makes people aware of the mistakes that were made in the past in relation to life, and taking steps to avoid committing those same mistakes. Students of history receive guidance from mistakes of the past and prepare to avoid them.
  • Sheer Pleasure: The study of history is sometimes just for the pleasure and excitement that comes from knowing his/her history and the history of other people. In a certain sense, it also satisfies the curiosity of students.
  • Identification of Culture: The study of history is important because it helps in the identification of culture and its heritage, and to make attempts to build upon it.
  • Emulating the Achievements of Predecessors: By studying history, the younger generation are able to learn through the examples of others who precede them. The level of dedication and commitment displayed by heroes and heroines like Yaa Asantewaa of Ghana is worthy of emulation by the present generation of people.
  • Builds National Unity: Studying history helps in the building of a sense of national unity integration of society. History teaches that a nation is made up one nation, one people with one destiny.
  • Appreciation of Traditions: The students who study history are able to appreciate the cultures and traditions of others who live in geographical areas close their location and even beyond.

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