Distinguish between constitution and constitutionalism

can be defined as a set of rules that shows how
a country should be administered. They
are basic laws for
governing a given state. It defines
the power of the government
and rights of the citizen. 
Constitutionalism simply means rule according
to -the constitution i.e government should
administer the state according to the provisions of
the constitution. This principle is fostered by
the existence of a virile and fearless press and independent judicial system.

The main
features of a constitution are: 

  • It must have a preamble that entails the
    general declaration of the citizens about the
  • A constitution must also show the
    structure of thegovernment, it must explain the composition
    of the executive, legislature and judiciary. 
  • A constitution must also-contain the
    procedure of amendment, it must show whether it can be
    changed through the ordinary parliamentary procedure or
  •  A constitution must also embody the
    fundamental human rights like freedom of speech, freedom of
    assembly, Rights to life, freedom of religion
    and association. 
  • The fundamental principles and objectives of state policy must also be contained in the constitution.

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