Explain the concept of the rule of law

idea of rule of law is credited to A.V. Dicey (1835 – 1.922). He explained the
term in his book entitled introduction to the study of the Law of the
Rule of law is
defined as the supremacy of law over everybody in a political system, i.e it
means that government functions should be carried out according to the laws of the land. There should be no arbitrary use of power.

There are basically,
three principles of the rule of law. 

  1. SUPREMACY OF THE LAW: This means that the
    laws of any given country are supreme. They are biding on all authorities and persons. 
  2. EQUALITY BEFORE THE LAW: This means that no
    person should be above the law. There should be no discrimination in the
    application of laws: The same
    laws should apply to all persons. 
  3. FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS: The rights of the
    citizens must be entrenched in the constitution. Some of the rights are, right to life,
    right to freedom of
    movement and right of freedom of express.

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