The Fund for co-operation, compensation and
development is one
of the agencies of ECOWAS set up for the maintenance of member states. It
is headed by a managing Director, who is appointed by the council of ministers. The
headquarters of this fund is Lome Togo. 


  1. COMPENSATION:- The fund provides
    compensation to members which sustain loses in the process of the application of the ECOWAS treaty and that of free trade or trade liberalization
  2. DEVELOPMENTPROJECTS: The fund is to
    promote development projects in member states of the community which are Jess development.
    To guarantee foreign
    investments proposed by member states, in line with established standard and to
    promote the harmonization of industrial policies.
  4.  MOBILIZATION: To come
    up with a defined means of facilitating mobilization of
    internal and external resources for development in member states.
  5.  EFFECTS OF LOCATING PROJECTS: To reduce the pain
    and losses as a result of the location of projects of the community in any member state.