Highlight the basic principles on which the United Nations Organisation (UNO) was founded

The United Nations organization (U. N. O.)
which was formed in 1945 to replace
the league of nations has the following principles. 

  • The organization
    was based on the principle of sovereignty of equality of all
  • All members of the
    U. N. O. are to carry out their obligations which they have
    signed under the charter of the organization. 
  • Settlement of
    international disputes by peaceful means in such a manner as
    not to endanger world Peace and security. 
  • That members should
    refrain from the use of threat or force in the conduct of
    their relation in any way inconsistent with the purposes of the
    United Nations.  
  • That all members will support the United
    Nations in any action
    taken in accordance with the charter of the organization.
  • That all
    member states must fulfill the above aims and objectives
    in good faith.
  • To ensure that non-members of U. N. O. do not act in any way that can be
    prejudicial to the maintenance of international peace
    and security.  
  • That
    the United Nations shall not intervene in matters which are
    essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of members states
    except when it is acting to enforce international peace
    and security.

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