increasing popularity of the presidential system of government in
Africa is due to the following reasons. 
  • The presidential
    system has a fixed tenure of office for political
    holders and this ensures stability of executive and the political system in general.
  •  Promptness
    of action and initiative in administration since the president has executive
    powers derived from the people and from parliament.
  •  Selection
    of professional experts to ministerial departments based on
    merit and professional expertise and less of political
  •  The
    system makes it possible for responsibility for what is done or left undone to be easily located in one man rather than a
    group of men for he can be seen receiving all the glory
    and the above on account of his work. 
  • Decision
    are made faster because it is easier for a single man to make up his own decisions than a group of men.
  •  It is easy
    to lay blames and hold a specific person responsible for what
    is done.
  •  Since
    the executive is headed by a single person, all efforts are
    geared towards a common goal rather than plurality of goals. 
  • It
    creates a more responsible and more dynamic leadership.
  •  In
    addition, the system allows for division of labour which increases
    efficiency in the management of the affairs of the nation. 
  • Enough time for the
    ministers because they have enough time to
    attend to their duties because they only belong to the executive
    arm of government. 
  • It
    prevents unnecessary conflicts which often arise in a parliamentary
    system. In presidential system powers of head of government and head of state are fused and
    exercised by the executive president.
  •  The
    desire by West African political leaders to experiment a new system led to
    the adoption of presidential system of government.