When was Rejoice Iwueze born?

Do you remember Rejoice Iwueze of The “Destiny kids” band; the ones that sang Joy joy Joy; please how old is she?
According to information available on Qeep which says Rejoice Iwueze is 24years old; It means she was likely born in 1995 or thereabout.
Rejoice Iwueze was the lead singer of ‘Destiny Kids’;  her family gospel band of 6 that trend among kids in the early 2000s; something around 2006 or so.
The group consist of the kids of Mr. Stephen Iwueze and their ‘Joy Joy Joy’ melody? was a best seller back then.
The band consist of  Favour, Rejoice, Joshua, Best, Caleb and Wonderful.
Their father composed all their songs which pioneered the success of all their band.
She had worked at God’s Mercy Connection (Manager) and studied at Creative Minds Foundation.
Her elder sister Favour Iwueze got married in september 2018 to Mr. Okpazele.
Perhaps not much of Rejoice Iwueze’s biography is available online

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