By the end of this topic, you should be able to:
• discuss how Christianity got to Owe land
• state the effect of Christianity in Kabba land.

3.1 The Introduction of Christianity to Kabba Land by Olowolayemo

Mr. Obaganiye who was the father of Daniel Olowolayemo was a warrior at Obele [Gbeleko] but he was hated by the people who sent him out to Ebira land where he was assassinated. His children too were sold into slavery. Among them was Daniel Olowolayemo an Owe son, but 
the abolition of slave trade freed him. Olowolayemo settled at Abeokuta and became a devout Christian.By 1900, he became home sick, so Olowolayemo returned home and began to preach the gospel. He was the first Christian contact between the Ka a and the Anglican Church. 
In other words,the spread of Christianity in Ka a land was not through the Missionaries but by Mr. Daniel Olowolayemo. By 1904, Mr. Olowolayemo moved from Gbeleko to Ka a town in order to continue the spread of the Gospel in Owe land and Yagba land. But, the 
adherents of the African Traditional Religion in Owe land were against 
him because his new Christian religion which he introduced in the land had turned many people away from their indigenous religion. Many people were reported to have abandoned the worship of Ebora (god) (Adebola, 1980). For this reason, he could only approach the citizens of 
the town individually to preach the Good News. However, by 1905, Olowolayemo was able to convert many freed slaves at Odo quarters in Kabba town. The Reverend Mycmlyre who was the Minister at the Holy Trinity Church, Lokoja, became the roving pastor for the Kaba Mission 
Station through the invitation of Owolayemo in the year 1905. In 1906, 
Mr. Paul Aribido was sent to Ka a as the first Mission Station agent to continue the spread of the Gospel. With the help of Mr Olowolayemo, the Gospel spread into all towns and villages in Owe land in the early 1900s.Christianity has enlightened the people of Kaba and Yagba land through formal education which it has provided for them.The adherents of Christianity stopped consulting diviners for any thing, instead, they resorted to prayers to solve their problems. 
Today, Many Owe people are now Priests and Church leaders in various denominations in Nigeria. 
Mr. Daniel Olowolayemo died in 1931 and was given a Christian burial at Egbeda-Kabba.

The enslavery of Olowolayemo is a blessing to Owe land. Discuss.


You have studied how Christianity came to Kabba land through the hard work of Olowolayemo. The invitation of the Missionaries from Lokoja  him helped the rapid spread of Christianity in Ka a land. Western education that accompanied the introduction of Christianity in the Owe 
land also helped in converting many people in the land. 


If you have gone through this unit conscientiously, you should be aware 
of the following points:
• The freedom of Olowolayemo from slavery.
• The conversion of Olowolayemo into Christianity while he was in slavery.
• The return of Olowolayemo to Owe land.
• The sharing of Christian faith with his people in Owe land.
• The persecution of Christians in Owe land by the traditionalists.
• The invitation of the Church Missionaries from Lokoja Mission Station by Olowolayemo to help in the spread of the Gospel in Owe land.
• Some benefits that are derived from Christianity by the people of Owe land.

1. Comment on the spread of the Gospel in Owe land.
2. Enumerate the benefits of Christianity to the people of Owe land.


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